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Recognizing the Cultural Heritage of Rice as Bengal’s Beloved Staple Grain

Date: 18 August 2023 (Friday)

Do you know that a huge amount of rice in India is cultivated in Bengal itself? No wonder, Bengalis take pride in being addressed as rice-lovers! This grain is not only a quintessential portion of meals to have with dal, vegetable dishes, fish, or meat curries, but is also connected with different rituals revolving around birth, death, and certain rites.

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Paddy cultivation arrived in Bengal from Southeast Asia around 5000 years ago and since then, Bengalis have included rice in their daily diet. This cultivation usually takes place three times in a year when the paddy is planted and harvested as aman, aus, and boro during monsoon, summer and winter respectively.

Rice is the first solid food given to an infant during the ceremony of “anna-prashan”. And it is the final offering to departed souls. It is the integral ritual food that’s offered to Gods and Goddesses during festivals and acts as a fulcrum of many ritualistic practices during Bengali weddings. Rice in crisp, beaten and popped forms that’s popularly referred to as muri, chire, and Khoi is widely used in various Bengali ceremonies. Each kind has been developed from a unique rice variety.

Rice – the life and soul of Bengali cuisine

The abundant rice growth on the fertile land of West Bengal is one of the prime reasons why rice has emerged as the staple food for Bengalis. From dal and posto to muri ghonto, succulent mutton curry, lip-smacking bhapa illish, malai chingri to a diverse range of mouth-watering dishes, Bengalis love to indulge in this food staple. Both “dal-bhaat” and “mach-bhaat” are a favorite of Bengalis everywhere! So, you can’t think of a hearty Bengali lunch or dinner without this refined white grain being generously served on your plate.

Rice is embedded in the fabric of our lives and has been an integral part of so many memory-making moments where endless appreciation about specific dishes gets augmented with the pure taste of rice reigning supreme. The happiness of feeding your family and friends is one-of-a-kind and often remains inexplicable.

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